Broken aeg? let me fix it! Upgrades and installation too

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hey guys, im looking to expand on my knowledge and experience of aegs. if you have one that is broken down or needs to be upgraded and you are not confident doing it yourself I can help you out. ive fully built several m4s (1 from scratch), 28 rps ak, g3 1.7j dmr and also a sten. v2 and v3 gearboxes are well in my wheelhouse. ive also installed a few gate titans 2v and v3, and even a newer leviathan. im not looking to make a lot of money, basically i would only charge 20-50 euros for the actual work. you would have to pay for shipping both ways (or pick up) and for any parts installed.  

once i have your replica i will keep in touch with updates as i work on it, send pictures and let you know or any findings once its opened up. i fully stand behind my work so if a problem comes up after i return it, i will fix it for no additional cost. i do recommend using parts from certain companies to make you aeg as reliable as possible. shs, lonex, asg motors, maple leaf, and prometheus have worked best for me and generally have great reviews.

services offered

-shimming gears

-correcting your angle of engagement

-radius gearbox, polish the piston track

-soldering new wires and deans connectors

-deep cleaning the gearbox and sanding / polishing away any leftover molding or rough areas

-parts fitment and installation

-mosfet installation

-hop up adjustment

barrel cleaning

-flat hop

-swiss cheese piston

-short stroke gears and piston

-complete airseal


-i also have room to do simple rattlecan respray if you want to blend in better

i wont do any rhop installation as i have nowhere to test it and make sure everything it aligned properly, but flathopping works nearly as well, and with a .30 gram bb limit, rhop wouldnt be able to be maximized anyways.

i have my own chronograph, so making sure your replica is right at 1.2 joules will not be an issue

having mostly worked on m4s and aks, that’s what i am most comfortable with, but im open to other platforms. I do a full time job and family, so probably only work on 1 replica per week, as long as i have all the parts needed. if you are interested please send me a text with what you have and what you would like done then we can work out the details. please whatsapp me (stu) at 0683221892 if you need something done!

* please note that is not a photo of mine, just to grab attention

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25 april 2020 14:09

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