Custom 1911 Detonics from TM

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Genuine Tokyo Marui 1911 Detonics with custom parts / upgrades. A nimble and lightweight pistol with great accuracy and range for its size. Had two during my 10 years in Airsoft and they have always performed well in all conditions. However, I’m now selling my last Detonics to invest in a new side arm project.

# Nineball trigger
# Nineball hammer ( comes with original hammer as well )
# PDI tightbore barrel ( original barrel included as well )
# Upgraded rubber – I believe that it was Firefly ( original rubber included as well )
# Removable threading ( mostly there for the looks )
# 1 x 1911 magazines ( KJW )

Comes with holster, magazine pouch RG, molle paddle and rail for mounting flashlight or laser.

Can be sent by post or picked up in Amsterdam.
Could get you some 4 more magazines (2x TM detonics 2x KJW 1911) at a later stage. 30 euros for all of them.

Small dent on rear sight and nail polish filled text “detonics” which can be removed with aceton if you so wish.

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28 juli 2020 10:26

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